About Us

“Kewpie’s” started in the memory of my mother Minakshie Dasgupta on Nov 1st 1989.

We started from the garage in our house which once hosted my brother Chandradeep’s “Food Shop” which later developed into Gourmet Cuisine, our catering section after his passing in 1991.

My father Pratip Kumar Dasgupta fondly called Mitu, my sister Pia Promina & me – Rakhi Purnima saw a niche in the market for a specialty Bengali restaurant. We started with a 12 seater (all through my father would insist we could accommodate 14!)

Our USP then & now is home cooked authentic Bengal in an eclectic ambiance.

From the Beginning it was a hit, although like all other restaurants we went through our own teething problems, Initially, all the recipes were from my mother’s famous books “Bangla Ranna” & “Calcutta Cookbook”, but we soon added a number of recipes from friends & family.

Since we were always overbooked, we decided to give up another room in the house so we could seat a few more people, until all of the downstairs including our dining, sitting, the bedroom was converted into the restaurant it is today.

Although Kewpies is primarily a Bengali restaurant during food festivals we showcase some of Calcutta’s favorite dishes. Our father Mitu passed away in 2003 & since then, my sister & I have taken over the helm. Our staff comprises of about 22 persons some who have had the opportunity of being trained by my mother as well as my brother.

Our outdoor catering outfit is “Gourmet Cuisine” which has a vast repertory of cuisines from India & around the world & for some great Bengali tryout dishes, my section on “Food For Thought”

Rakhi Purnima Dasgupta