Gourmet Cuisines

After completion of the Diploma course in Hotel Management & Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Calcutta,Uttam Bhattacharya and Chandradip Dasgupta Started their first joint venture by accepting the catering contact of a PSU Officers & staff canteen to cater for approximately 700 persons everyday serving morning snacks , tea, lunch, evening snacks & tea under the name of “Gourmet Caterers” in the year 1979.Seeing the success of this project three more office canteen of private sector companies were undertaken in the year 1981-82 thus catering for about 2100 persons per day approximately.

It was a great learning experience for both of us though we had to sail in rough seas yet it was a worth while experience. In the year 1983 we closed down all the office canteens and opened a “Fast Food” centre in a renovated Garage belonging to Chandradip’s parents at 2,Elgin Lane,Kolkata:20 under the name of “Food Shop”.

This unique food joint became very popular to the surrounding office people and local residents.We started our specialty outdoor catering from this place.Chandradip passed away in the year 1991.”Gourmet Caterer” of the pioneering day’s came to be known as “Gourmet Cuisine” and continued its dedication in outdoor catering services only and became a stand alone reputed catering organization affiliated to no other eateries and having no other branches or outlets. “Gourmet cuisine” values its customer and will always serve the best to the satisfaction of its clientele.

The partnership changed and Rakhi Purnima, Pia Promina & Uttam became partners,with the sole day to day running of the business in my hands.”Gourmet Cuisine” has a vast repertoire of dishes from around the world as well as India .We can cater for 25 – over 2000 as per requirement. We do catering for all occations, weddeings, receptions, parties and also for film productions such as Shadow of time & the Namesake.

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